Demo's or install yourself.

We run a number of demo systems as tenant on the same OFbiz system and which are refreshed with standard demo data and updated from GIT at least one time per day when there were updates.

Minimum Version

This is the minimum version of the system however with the required functionality to maintain order, product, customer, accounting, website etc:

Back end system

Website/E-Commerce system

Intermediate Version(s)

We are planning to create a number of intermediate versions starting with a version for AntWebsystems, a software development company.

We expect to create also a vertical for project engineering and manufacturing companies.

Full Version

The full version of the system which is a (near) trunk version of Apache OFBiz with tenant component (and others) added.

Back end system

E-Commerce system


If you would like run the system locally, you can download the installer scripts following below:

Developer: can be customized but difficult to upgrade.

End-user: Easy to install and upgrade (Using Docker images).

End-user USB stick : for multiple off-line installations.

GrowERP for Linux

System Requirement:

• Ubuntu 14.04 or later (prior versions may be acceptable) Desktop/Server both for 64 bit version are recommended

Download Guide

Download Developer

Download End User

GrowERP for Windows

System Requirement:

• Windows 7 64-bit operating system or higher and CPU Virtuallize are additional.

Download Guide

Download End User

Download End User / USB Stick


• User guide for install/upgrade and start GrowERP Download

• User guide (demo test part) Download

• User guide for a website creation Download